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About our Partner Program

VIP Partner Program

Commissions - for the first 3 sales, we give you a 10% one-time commission of the subscription plan chosen. On the fourth sale, we bump you up to 15% one-time commission of the subscription plan chosen..

Assist us in onboarding the customer with the basic connections.

We work with you on behalf of the client for advanced configuration requirements during the initial set up.

Our success team will make sure set up is correct and support the customer should any questions arise.

Implementation Technology Partner Program

For large volume technology or accounting partners who are committed to adding 50 + accounts per year where you are buying on behalf of a client. 

The way it works:

  • You provide first level sales and support.
  • Your team creates a new customer account with a special code and uses your credit card for billing. 
  • You set up the basic customer connections.
  • We make sure you are trained and our success team will always be there to back you up.
  • If interested in this option, choose this option on form below and we will schedule a call to discuss details and compensation.

Who benefits from our online software?

Someone who has started an online business.

Someone who has changed accounting systems.

Someone who spends time double-entering information.

Someone who has multiple selling channels and needs an e-commerce or shipping solution that are all connected.

What can you earn as a VIP Partner?

We reward you for being the last referrer, so post early and post often to drive the most referrals and sales.

On the first 3 sales, We offer a one time 10% commissions on any of our subscriptions.

Starting at/after 4 sales we increase commissions to 15% on any new subscriptions.

We offer a free 14-day trial of Sync with Connex.

During our partner training we will show the many ways you can market this program alongside your services.

Share + Get

Refer or set up your customers through our VIP Partner Program! What to expect from our partner training videos. The training will get you up to speed fast.

  1. How the program works and expectations.

  2. How to onboard a new customer for a great experience and a fast time frame to go live.

  3. How to get advanced configuration help with our team.

  4. How to go to market and promote the program

  5. Read our full program terms and conditions

Sync with Connex Customer Testimonials

"These guys truly work with their customer. Our business generates thousands of transactions that require constant synchronization of inventory between our accounting and on-line store. We were exploring using third party inventory management systems to help us track bundled inventory items. We contacted Sync with Connex to see if they had a solution. They spent the time to listen to our needs and worked with us to configure their interfaces to use our Big Commerce on line store more effectively. We are now able to offer our customers a richer purchasing experience while simplifying our inventory management. We consider Sync with Connex a partner in our business."


"If you use Shopify and Quickbooks in your environment then Connex is an absolute "Must Have", especially given their low pricing model. It is the ONLY middleware solution that we have ever found to work seamlessly between Shopify and QuickBooks. Their support is absolutely amazing and they are truly and genuinely concerned with the success of their customers, not just their software working. When dealing with support, you are able to speak directly to some of the smartest developers we have come across (not just a help desk) and they are able to provide industry leading advice on business process flow and ecommerce solutions rather than just the specifics of their software.

We started using Connex three years ago as a $10 million per year B2B business and have grown by over 40% year-over-year each year. We would have been crushed under the weight of our own growth if it wasn't for this solution and their amazing insight, advice, and support that their team has given us.

I cannot say enough good things about this app, their company, and their Customer Success Staff. I wish there was another app on the Shopify platform that I can compare them to (and we use many), but Connex is simply an outlier!"

Scott Mitchell (CEO)
Simply Organic

"First, let's understand that syncing orders, inventory, and other sensitive info from Shopify to Quickbooks (or Quickbooks to Shopify) is extremely complex. I've worked with a number of integration and sync solutions before over the years. Connex is by far the most intuitive, flexible, and consistent. It functions more as an enterprise solution and these typically cost $$$ per month! The support team at Connex is unbelievable. Support ticket response is faster than any other app in the Shopify marketplace. Some apps respond in days or even weeks. These guys hit you back in a few hours (sometimes less than 1 hr). Plus, the expertise of the support team is outstanding. Most app support is level 1 at best. With Connex, your ticket will be responded to by a level 2 or higher every time. Can't say enough good things about this solution and the team. If you're trying to sync Shopify and QB, you'd be crazy not to use this app."


Become a Partner of Sync with Connex Today

We encourage you to become a partner of Sync with Connex today and begin earning commissions on businesses in your audience who are interested in our ability to sync information between systems. To register to become a partner today, follow these directions:

  1. Sign up to become a Partner

  2. Watch the 3 short training videos, then check your email for more information about how to get started and how to promote the program to your audience. Our partner manager will be in contact with you once we receive your information. We’ll send you your unique tracking links, email swipe copy, imagery, and social media posts to make it easy to promote to your audience.

  3. When your audience clicks on your unique tracking link, they are taken to a landing page where they will have a chance to register for more information. If they do, our system will automatically track referrals from you using your tracking link, and if sales are later generated from your referrals, you’ll earn commissions on those purchases.
Become a Partner
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Frequently Asked Questions

Use our Partner portal for promotional tools that you can easily use to attract and convert new leads, including banners, lightboxes, email messages and links that automatically track your referral traffic. Or if you just need to get your partner promo link and some quick assets to use... Get my partner link (must already be a partner to use this)

Yes. You can add your Partner ID to any link that you share. For example, if you share one of our pages and want to make sure you get credit if a sale is generated from this share, simply append the following to the end of any link you share: your Partner ID) your Partner ID)

No, your commissions will be paid via PayPal to the address you have on file.

If you’re referring to a large list of new clients, please get in touch with support so we can make the process as simple as possible for you.

If you are not listed as the referrer for a Sync With Connex client you’ve referred under the Earnings tab in the Partner Center, you have a few options. You can ask the person you’ve referred to send an email to support to confirm that they were referred by you, or you can email us and we can reach out the client to confirm on your behalf. Either way, we can only change the referrer if the client confirms that they were referred by you. Per our Terms of Service, you may request an audit of the latest referring partner up to 30 days after the date of purchase. If you are not confirmed as the referrer, no commissions will be paid. If the audit reveals that another Sync With Connex partner is the actual latest referrer, we reserve the right to make a correction.

After 30 days from the date of sale, no changes to the latest referring partner will be accepted. We cannot pay commissions on past referred purchases that were not claimed by the referrer within 30 days. However, the date of sale is not the same as the account created date. Since Sync With Connex accounts are billed annually, if a client confirms you as a referrer after 30 days, you can receive commission on their account payment and earn commissions for any account payments within the last 30 days.

If you have attempted to reset your password unsuccessfully, please email support and we can reset your password for you.

To receive payments, you’ll need to have a correct PayPal address on file. You can add or update your PayPal address within the Partner Center; simply click on the settings tab.

If you live outside the United States, please answer the following questions and send us your response:
Are you a U.S. citizen or do you have dual citizenship that includes the U.S.?
Do you have a U.S. green card?
Were you physically present in the U.S. for more than 183 days in the past three calendar years?
Did you physically work in the U.S. for any period of time in the last calendar year?

Contact Us For Any Questions

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